By Mary N. DiZazzo

Get SHELLAC-ed and Stay Chip Free for up to 2 Weeks!

Ciao bella,
I was skeptical at first – “a nail polish that lasts and dries instantly!” How is this possible? What is the gimmick? I must admit I always tried the latest and greatest. I read my nails magazines like my Bible. But then after the purchase and use of the latest and greatest I always seemed to find my way back to my tried and true product technique. Nothing like trying something “new,” it turns out to be a learning experience that what you’ve been doing is the best all along! Oh sure you pick up a few tricks of the trade along the way. I’ve always been open to learning. In fact I have been to 2 SHELLAC classes already and they are a requirement to be the best you have to be!

Since my semi retirement in the world of cosmetology I have retained an extraordinary and quite loyal clientele. They can attest their “natural nail manicures” last from 5-8 days -- sometimes even longer! Any professional work will last longer when nails are viewed as jewels not tools! Lucky are those princesses with live-in help.

SHELLAC is a nail polish not a gel, not acrylic, that is applied in 4 coats with each coat curing under a UV light (quite safe). I incorporate a spa manicure with aromatherapy and there is no drying time! The outcome is a high gloss shine that maintains without chipping for up to two weeks! Absolutely stunning! Great for a vacation and just about all the time!

No gimmicks, no fooling – it’s the best-developed long lasting nail polish system yet. Nails become stronger with continued use! Success has followed me as I myself have experienced better natural nails! So get SHELLAC-ed today and reap the benefits by Creative’s dream team! View the Shellac Flash Mob Dance in New York's Time Square on You Tube now!

Buona giornata and God bless the United States of America! Have a scary and fun Hallowe’en!

--Mary N. DiZazzo-Trumbull

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