By Mary N. DiZazzo

It’s a LUSH-ious Life!

Ciao bella,
Harvard Square in Cambridge has always been a fav haunt of mine—so many new and unique stores and restaurants to visit.

It almost makes you not so nostalgic when missing all the iconic places Harvard Square was so famous for. On one of my visits to the Square, I arrived early for a “girls’ lunch date” so I could shop a bit. On JFK Street is one of the best cosmetic grocers in the world! LUSH-Fresh Handmade Cosmetics!

Upon entering I looked around for my friend Claire D. Since turning her on to the soothing and aromatic benefits of LUSH I knew she might be headed in this “heavenly” scented direction. She would certainly be at my girls’ lunch. A lovely sales associate approached me and gave me a warm and friendly greeting (not always a common occurrence these days). Jennifer offered to give me a free hand treatment. Wow what a treat for me. It’s usually me doing the natural manicure hand treatments. I asked for a chair and the treatment began!

On cleansed hands she exfoliated with OCEAN SALT Face and Body Scrub. While course and fine sea salts sloughed away dry and flaky skin, rich avocado butter and coconut oil softened my hands like a baby’s butt! The astringent grapefruit juice brightened my hands with a glow. The finish was a delightful massage with LEMONY FLUTTER cuticle cream! Not just for cuticles, but for elbows, feet and knees! Lemon heaven.

Just as we were finishing up, in walks Claire and talked her into the hand treatment. She purchased both amazing products along with Lush's famous bathbombs.

We had a great time smelling and buying everything in sight! Hard to resist IT’S RAINING MEN shower gel for body and hair, That true scent of caramel brings back memories from childhood-along with the soothing benefits of honey. Dreamy!

Other New arrivals are a campaign to protect our ocean’s sharks, since sharks are necessary for maintaining the stability of marine ecosystems around the world and now face the threat of extinction! The limited edition SHARK FIN SOAP, has seaweed to soften and a woody scent. The Sea Salt scrubs away dry skin. All proceeds go to Shark Savers

Travel tips: DIRTY TOOTHY TABS—a blast of freshness to brush with in solid form. Also: SQEAKY GREEN SOLID SHAMPOO—scalp purifying riches for your hair. This gentle shampoo cleanses with Rosemary and Peppermint! The aroma is pure bliss! So hit your closest LUSH store soon and feel LUSH-ious!

Buona giornata and God bless the United States of America!

--Mary N. DiZazzo-Trumbull

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