By Mary N. DiZazzo

Give Yourself “HAPPY FEET”—and that’s not all!

Ciao bella,

A Chinese folk song says that “Feet bath in spring would make one’s body feel as if the sun was rising slowly and the ice dissolves gradually, feet bath in summer will eliminate the illness of fever and complex symptoms, feet bath in fall will get the lungs moistened and the intestines moving, feet bath in winter will give warmth to the acupuncture point of Dantian.” It was the start of a truly unique experience!

As I entered into “heaven” for the next hour and a half my friend Patricia L. was waiting for me sitting in a comfortable cushy chair with pillows and a libation of your choice, I sat in one right next to her. Chinese instrumental music filled the room of soft lighting, warming terra cotta colors and scents of pleasant herbal flowers permeated our cubby! Two welcoming Chinese massagists came out of a private corner of the room and set down (one for each of us) basins of herbal scented warm water to soak our feet. As our feet soaked we had our “dry” massage starting from the top of our head to the base of our backs!

The kinks I had were GONE! I was so relaxed! I felt so “in trust” with my massagist! He then dried off my “Happy Feet” and performed a reflexology type of massage on them! The fruit and sips of tea were delightful! After it was all over Patricia and I swooned over what we had just experienced!

According to Chinese medicine the human body’s health is closely related to the feet. Medical experts from Europe and America also believe the sole of the foot is “the second heart” since the many nerve endings are linked to the brain and all the organs. Soaking the feet for at least 30 minutes improves and facilitates the circulation of blood.

The footbath and the reflexology work together to promote good health and beauty care, nourishing and protecting the brain, supplementing vigor and postponing old age. The combination also will relive fatigue and improve sleep.

Consort Yang Yu Huan (1 June 719-15 July 756) was a high-ranking imperial consort during her time, known as one of The Four Beauties of Ancient China. Consort Yang’s Secret of Beauty would be to cleanse her feet with herbal flowers in the morning and then the Chinese Herb and Foot Massage performed every evening. So let’s skip to that beat and give yourself some “Happy Feet!”

Happy Feet Spa, 150 Lincoln St., 1st floor in Boston (Chinatown), 617-348-2988

Buona giornata and God bless the United States of America!

--Mary N. DiZazzo-Trumbull

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