By Mary N. DiZazzo

Town Crier of Provincetown

Ciao bella,
“Beauty Culture” can be viewed in many ways. Especially according to All That Zazz, Beauty is everywhere!

I’ve brought you trips, museums, theatre and of course the care of oneself to beautify and maintain. All in the name of Beauty, I bring you my latest adventure to Provincetown, Cape Cod. There, just coming into town, passing the curvaceous dunes, cruising down narrow Commercial Street filled with walking people, music blasting my 80s Best of Rick Astley CD. Our baby blue Zip Car “Muffet” Mini Cooper with top down and sunshine warming our faces.

Here are the sights and smells of ocean, flower bushes of beach roses and hyacinth. The Portuguese Bakery also fills the air with its fresh sweet goods! The senses of smell are extravagantly rich as we continue our travel in this artful culture of art galleries, clothing stores, restaurants of seafood and pride! My trips to P’town are out numbered by a span of over 30 years. Every visit never disappoints with all its kitschy glory.

This year the gardens spoke to me in immense color and abundance. “See you old man winter, we’re back, we’re here and we’re staying!”

A new adventure this year was unexpected, most exhilarating and quite breath taking! Our friend Rich J. took us out dune-buggying in his jeep. There we were driving through the warm sands of Race Point and its lighthouse. As we kept plowing through the soft sand Rich pulled right up to the seashore, waves and foam waiting to cool our feet! Truly amazing! I’ve barely recovered!

Beauty lies in the soul of a new adventure. It tantalizes your inner being with a calming verve. Choose one wisely.

Buona giornata and God bless the United States of America!

--Mary N. DiZazzo-Trumbull

PS Big Happy Anniversary wishes to The Post Gazette—molti baci!!!

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