By Mary N. DiZazzo

What's in Your Beach/Pool Bag? Summer 2011

Ciao bella,
Well it’s that TIME of the year again gals!! Finally the fun weather is here! Every summer I put this list together to help you with your summer essentials when you are away from home at the water. First, invest in a sun hat! Some already have an SPF of 30/50 in the material! So let’s get it together from the most important stuff down!

First of all, Sun Protection-30 SPF or higher for faces only. Then a 30 SPF or higher for body preferably “water resistant.” You still must reapply! Follow directions thoroughly! Don’t forget your lip protection! Mine is a “pink” zinc ointment—Very colorful.

Sunglasses-can’t choose this year from my vintage collection! I did find stylish “sun” bifocals for reading!

A bottle of water to hydrate through the day. Put bottle of water in freezer the night before so it will stay cold for your sipping pleasure!

A nice big fluffy towel—nothing like it to lie on/dry off!

A cover-up when you feel enough SUN or that chill you get when you leave the water. I just ordered 2 fashionable turbans for hair protection when I’m hanging in the pool. And since you never know who you will meet in the water, a comb/brush to refresh the coif. Goody has put out a “Spin Pin” to whip up a quick chignon!

An energy bar for a quick pick-me-up snack or some nuts and fruit.

A fav magazine or book when you’re tired of “people watching.”

I always like to carry a spritz bottle with rose water for a quick cool-off! Evian also works well!

Hand sanitizer always comes in handy. The towelettes are so convenient.

This is what’s in my bag-hope it's in yours! Enjoy these beautiful summer days!

Buona giornata and God bless the United States of America!

--Mary N. DiZazzo-Trumbull

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