By Mary N. DiZazzo

An Evening of Wine and Chocolate -- Drink it and Eat it, Stay Healthy and Beautiful

Ciao bella,
As I entered the elegant Back Bay College Club I felt an inviting feeling. Come, sit down, relax and indulge! That is exactly what my husband David and I did.

As the pocket doors rolled open into the exquisite dining room there were only oooooo's and ahhhhh's from the other twenty or so tasters! The presentation of Wine and Chocolate was simply divine. Meet Harry Silverstein a wine connoisseur who has expertly paired wine and port to chocolate.

Say hello to the Chocolate Man Dorian, a choco expertise who with Harry's wine is bringing a flavor of knowledge within this marriage of two of life's most fav indulgences. So let's get educated! It will be a memorable event to treat yourself, friend or lover to this matrimony of love!

As we have all heard in the press Chocolate is so good for you. It benefits the circulatory system, known to lower blood pressure. Dark chocolate is "king" for most health benefits. Chocolate phenols have been shown to protect the arteries from plaque formation. Maybe it should be an apple and a cup of cocoa a day........

Bacchus knew his beverages but probably not the health benefits. Sipping the wine slowly produces a slow reach to blood circulation causing decrease of certain cancers and heart disease. So there we have it Chocolate and Wine for the body and mind!

So follow these teachers of The Boston Chocolate School who will flavor your world with style-if you thought you loved Wine and Chocolate already you must not miss this unique opportunity in the culinary world in our fair city.

So for the love of chocolate:

Buona giornata,

--Mary N. DiZazzo-Trumbull

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