By Mary N. DiZazzo

Gold--It'll Make You Shimmer

Ciao bella,

In an age of materialistic values, gold still hold its own power. It is considered to be one of the earth’s most precious metals. You can find gold on all continents in the world including the world’s oceans, forming as nuggets or grains in rock, veins and flood deposits. In 2600 B.C. according to Egyptian hieroglyphs gold was considered “more plentiful than dirt”!

Since its consistency is soft, shiny and dense it is the most pliable and easy to form “pure metal known.” Gold leaf “through a process to become thin enough can be translucent. Gold is non-toxic, biologically benign and will never rust. The pure form of gold is commonly used for several medical applications. It has also been known to aid in reducing pain and swelling associated with tuberculosis and rheumatoid arthritis by medical injections.

Gold is used in nail artistry. Flakes, powder and foil form can produce beautiful nail designs. Also gold is found in clear nail polish and lipstick. The shiny shimmer can also be found in gourmet foods as well as beauty skin creams and pricier hair products— used for an aesthetic appeal!

FYI — The 165,000 tons of gold that’s been mined through history are barely enough to fill two Olympicsize swimming pools! Naturally you can find gold in the most exquisite jewelry, dentistry, electronics minting and advertising. Metallic gold is also used as a component of alcoholic drinks Goldschlager, Goldstrike and Goldwasser.

So put some gold on and shimmer like you should!

Buona giornata, and Happy Valentine's Day!

--Mary N. DiZazzo-Trumbull

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