By Mary N. DiZazzo

The Bombshell is Back

Ciao bella,

Oh what I wouldn't give for those Jayne Mansfield thighs! Or even the coy smile of Claudia Cardinale! True bona fide bombs if ever who could steal a man's heart.

The giggly Marilyn Monroe flopping down on a soft mattress of down. Jean Harlow's platinum hair carried that drop-dead sex appeal in the 1933 film "Bombshell" Frolicking fountain girl Anita Ekberg. The swinging hips of the redheaded firecracker Ann-Margret could sway an Army. Anna Nicole Smith brought us back to the days of the "siren" diva. The ultimate sensual, steamy but always classy Sophia Loren has melted many hearts! All in all, the "look" is back!!

From the runways in Milan, Mad Men's Joan to Kim Kardashian's "get ready for a bumpy night" curves!! Real glamour is timeless. The pin-up potential look for Old Hollywood glam is easier to achieve today than years ago. You can find all sorts of make-up tricks from the beauty mags or even the make-up counter gals themselves.

First of all, well arched and not thin eyebrows are a must. Dark liner on top and bottom of lash lids will bring out your eyes. A smoky color in the crease and a frosty light highlight just below brows will add that smoldering look. Then with all the product out there for volumizing eyelashes-go to it! Experiment and take time. There is an inner siren in all of us!! Pile on the lash!!!

And now the hair-big, poufy loose tresses (don't laugh--those "Bump-its" really work!) Va-va voom bouffants will complement a capacious cup size if you've got them!

Also the correct foundation garment will enhance any gal's figure. Think of Rita Hayworth in Gilda with her famous hair flip. Raquel Welch who has aged beautifully into our decade old millennium.Ursula Andress's sultry look in Dr. No. Sharon Tate's voluptuous curves in Valley of the Dolls.

It's at our finger tips ladies to bring it all forward. Glamour at its finest.

Buona giornata, and God bless the United States of America!

--Mary N. DiZazzo-Trumbull

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