By Mary N. DiZazzo

Keep Yourself Cool, Soft and Protected For Christmas

Ciao bella,

The holidaze madness is here! Don't stress, for it will wrinkle you hopelessly!

Keep your beauty regimen on a reasonably timed schedule. No skipping gals. Your cleansing and moisturizing routine done in morning and evening must be performed with priority.

Don’t let a holiday interruption distract you—go to that sink! At nighttime never wait till your eyes are closing and beddie-bye is minutes away. Keeping a routine is just impossible when you put it off. If your daily routine is becoming time consuming with many steps and product now is the time to change. Try a new program consisting of just a few easy steps with great results.

Choose a moisturizer with an SPF for winter sun protection. Call or email me for more details.

Oh and of course, the endless shopping and wrapping—hope all you Black Friday maniacs were successful with great buys. You can catch up on lost sleep with a good 10 hours the next night! Anyway during it all remember to take a special coffee or tea break. There are so many holiday drinks to choose and the aromas will calm. Import a little meditation while sipping and you'll be ready again while fending off those stress wrinkles.

Take good care of your "birthday suit," you only get the one! For winter switch to a rich, highly concentrated body cream to protect and soften skin. Use right after bathing to keep moisture in.

Don’t forget those lips. While creaming your face use some on your lips. Try a new moisturizing lipstick or hydrating base before applying color. Put away the ChapStick please! It only coats lips and doesn't deliver added moisture.

Hands and feet should be taken care of with extra duty skin protection and moisturizer. And a night sock wrap doesn’t hurt. Keep up manis and pedis—you still see your feet everyday! Those services bring an all around feeling of well-being.

So stay soft, cool and protected this season

Buona giornata, and God bless the United States of America!

--Mary N. DiZazzo-Trumbull

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