By Mary N. DiZazzo

Give Thanks to Beauty that Lies in the Heart of a Dad

Ciao bella,

No quick makeup tricks this week—no magic beauty potions to defy Mother Nature. No, not this week, just a different kind of beauty that comes only once in a lifetime—the loving bond between a daughter and Father.

I wasn’t always in the right place with my Mom. She thought my move to Boston (that hard-boiled town!) didn’t suit my future. She loved me so much; she wanted only the best for her first-born girl. We were alike in so many ways personality wise. She took me under her wing and taught me good business ethics, how to respect and treat clients as well as people. I always followed her lead.

And then there was Dad! When we lost Mom over nine years ago, Dad became our buddy. My dreams of painting the town red (Boston of course) with my parents all came true at least with Dad. He partied with my husband David and I everywhere. He was sweet, delightful and a great listener. He would solve all our dilemmas with just a few wise words. He admired a new dress and even an old dress. He always complemented my hair color—reminding him of my Nanas’ auburn color.

Some Saturdays while I had to work at my shop David and he would take the subway and shuttle to Suffolk Downs Racetrack. Together they were magnets for people’s attention—always photos with lots of new friends and always a few pretty girls. Oh yes wherever there was Dad there was a pretty lady chatting her up!

We enjoyed all the frosting on the cake Boston had to offer. The wonderful restaurants of the North End, theatre—he adored those Rockettes!, concerts, and socials galore—Fourth of July parties on our roof deck where we enjoyed a view of the fireworks from not only the roof but our apartment window if we felt like taking it down a notch! And oh the matching clothes between Dad and David!

Our three trips to Miami—two were for my Christmas birthday were amazing. My friend there, Debbie O., made both Christmases so special for Dad and us. “He was a special fellow,” as Deb just wrote in her sympathy card to me.

For Dad’s 90th birthday we called on the dancing girls! The family bash was the NEXT day!

It was a great ride and so now the train for Dad has stopped to move on to his next destination. If there is a heaven he is there. And I know his love and light will always live on in me. How very fortunate and special I feel to have experienced such paternal devotion. The best is yet to come, as Dad always said!

So my fans and readers this is the time to give thanks to your special Dad and thanks for all of God’s Blessings.

Buona giornata, and God bless the United States of America!

--Mary N. DiZazzo-Trumbull

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