By Mary N. DiZazzo

Folklore for Hallowe’en

Ciao bella,

As Hallowe’en approaches we are surrounded by all things creepy and spooky. During this haunting holiday season, superstitions, folklore, and myths descend upon us unremittingly. We have all heard about the superstitions concerning broken mirrors and Friday the 13th. But did you know that as early as A.D. 77 people began documenting beliefs suggesting that fingernails and toe nails played a vital role in the outcome of their lives? Read on for more eerily notions that have circulated throughout the world for centuries.

It has been known that nails reflect a person’s health, but some even believe that they can also see into the future and detect a person's true character.

According to some believers—

It is best to cut nails during the waning of the moon.

Ttrim nails at sea if a storm is desired.

If babies’ nails are trimmed before they are one year old, they’ll grow up to be thieves.

Never cut nails on a Friday or Saturday for fear it will bring bad luck.

Parents are encouraged to let their children’s nail clippings fall into an open Bible as they are cut so they will grow up to be honest.

White specks on a person’s nails are thought to be “gifts” that portend something good will happen in that person’s lifetime.

Personality traits are detected through the shape of a person's nails.

Ridges and breakage are symbols of important things that have happened or will happen in someone’s life.

If a boy’s nails are dirty with soot and oil and turn toward the sun, the reflections from the sun’s rays may produce images that can be interpreted to foretell future events.

As luck has it, these folklore tales have since passed their validity! But look out for black cats crossing your path and stay away from walking under a ladder (those are two I believe in!)

So everyone have frightfully and fun Happy Hallowe’en!

Buona giornata, and God bless the United States of America!

--Mary N. DiZazzo-Trumbull

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