By Mary N. DiZazzo

Once Again “Beauty Knows No Age” with the Golden Age Club

Ciao bella,
"Golden Girls"

Here in East Boston is where you’ll find plenty of ageless beauty secrets! The Queens of Entertainment Mary Ann Cerundoloand Terry DeSimone hosted their Annual Mother’s Day Lunch at Spinelli’s in East Boston. Once again I was lucky to be invited.

The room was bustling with the kind of energy you would experience at a teen dance! Our “Dee Jay Connection” Alan La Bella whose motto is “For The Time of Your Life” was gearing up the Italian songs, and from disco to Dean Martin. The ladies and gents were arriving in style. It was a fashion show!

I had the pleasure of being seated with Angela Menino and her companion Eliza who is head of the Mayor's Elderly Commission. They are great supporters of seniors and their needs.

Father Wayne spoke in Italian and translated in English a most touching and memorable Mother’s Day Blessing. Then a delicious lunch was served and the festivities were underway. All danced between courses. There is another “beauty secret” for you "dancing between courses!

Oh and plenty of smiling as Alan had each table sing-along. He played “Tiny Bubbles”, a tune my Nana DiZazzo whistled to all the day. It was great memory of my youth.

Fun was had by all. These ladies have embraced their golden years and make them effortless. The vibrancy of this group, some aged well over 90 years young is amazing. On with the celebration.

Rose Forti and Hilda Santos were honored for their 20 plus years as members. No more dues for them. God bless.

Marie C. is still looking for good skincare. Rose P.’s daughters are always asking her “Ma, but where are you?—you’re never home!”

Well that's the way it should be. The gypsy soul will always remain young and never bored. My friend Marilyn M. with an ache here and there still maintains a busy lifestyle. Her complexion is always soft, smooth and make-up perfect. We'll be partying it up at Italia Unite soon!

Catherine Nicosia here for 53 years from Italy has kept her accent and attractive features. God bless all I met here today.

Safe trip to Niagara Falls ladies and gents. Just join the Golden Age Club and it’ll sure be a fantastic experience in your Golden Years!

Buona giornata, and God bless the United States of America!

--Mary N. DiZazzo-Trumbull

P.S. Stay tuned for “Healing Part 2 of a 3-part series.

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