By Mary N. DiZazzo

"Azulene-a chamomile extract to sooth and heal!"

Ciao bella,

While Chamomile comes from the Greek word “earth apple” because of its scent Azulene comes from the Spanish dialect “azul” because of its color, dark blue. Dark blue is known to be such a tranquil and relaxing color. No wonder it is found in chamomile which has been used for centuries in Europe as a widely used herbal medicine for a variety of ailments. Chamomile tea is said to cause a soft and sleepy mood for a good night’s sleep; and beauty is to sleep well!

The azulene is extracted from the chamomile flower by steam distillation. The dark blue oil extract is used as an inflammatory found in topical applications to sooth sensitive or sun damaged skin. It can be spotted in face and body creams as well as sunburn and burn remedies. Azulene can also be found in shaving and waxing products, eye treatments and also a variety of treatments for dry skin.

Azulene essential oil is said to calm rosacea, and some clinical studies show that an azulene-based synthetic drug has beneficial cardiovascular effects. In the U. S. chamomile is commonly found in tea.

So, sip some today.

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