By Mary N. DiZazzo

Achilles should have known the importance of protecting your HEELS!

Ciao bella,

You’re getting ready to do the town, showered and smellin’ great! Prettiest dress in the store, last touches of make-up, you look down—oh no, those dry, cracked, neglected winter feet can only be hidden in shoes. So let's take care of that NOW.

In all my adventures in the Beauty world, there are just a few I’ve met with true dedication from the heart in what they DO!

CHRISTINA FEDELE is one of those intelligent, enthusiastic and gentle gals who is here to escort you to smooth and soft feet that lasts for weeks!

Christine, a pedicurist with over 20 years experience has introduced an innovative pedicure device to the salon and spa industry. She uses it in all her pedi services. The "FOOT BUFFER" leaves your feet sensationally smooth. Finally getting heels like never seen before. VOGUE magazine voted it "# 1 Most Potent Pedicure" At the Orlando Beauty Show it sold out in 40 minutes. The "FOOT BUFFER's" revolutionary technique prides itself in acquiring smoothed out calluses and removal of dry skin with out harsh chemicals or dangerous cutting blades. The buffer softens skin so creams and moisturizers can absorb more easily.

You can find Christine at 1-800-516-7449 or or at INDULGE DAY SPA, 637 East Broadway, South Boston, 617-3076345—a wonderful Day Spa owned by ANNE MARIE IANELLI, a comforting oasis in the heart of Southie.

Take care of yourself today with the professional experience of these fantastic gals!

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