By Mary N. DiZazzo

GETTING THE KINKS OUT" with “The Coppola Keratin Straightening System" at ACOTE Salon

Ciao bella,

Thanks to my Italian heritage I was born with very curly, frizzy, kinky hair. So many people say, “Oh I wish I had your hair!” Well be careful what you wish for. I’ve only come to like my curly hair after it’s been set and dried in rollers or blown dry with the use of specific products required! The results are lovely, soft, shiny waves—but of course only when there is not a drop of humidity, no drizzle and no rain. Products be darned that claim “anti-humectants” descriptions –don’t work!

I have a wonderful collection of fashionable hats that have somewhat saved the ‘do’ from what everyone calls “a bad hair day.” I have tried numerous times to go au naturale but to no avail, the tight curls just don’t suit me. No glamour there. Not for me!

Now take my cousins Josie, her sis Connie and Connie’s daughter Sharon—their curly hair is beautiful on them. I can’t picture them any other way. That’s what happens when you are born in a Beauty Salon! My Nana’s was on the second floor of her tenement Fashion Beauty Salon.

This past June we had so much drizzle, rain and humidity I was fed up! I did my homework thanks to LOLA magazine and found a marvelous salon on Newbury St. to help my woes of “hair depression.” They offered this NEW smoothing, straightening therapy—it carried a hefty price tag. But the professionalism and attention to detail of ACOTE SALON was unsurpassable! As an early morning appointment I was greeted by French music and the lovely Allison -and as every employee arrived for their day of work I was treated and greeted in a friendly and warm fashion.

ALEX my stylist was certainly “born into his niche.” His Dad Gaston and Uncle Serge (both owners of several and successful salons on Newbury St. for years) studied cosmetology in the South of France in Marseilles. Many hair inventions, techniques and products have come from France way before any place else. ALEX trained at Vidal Sassoon, the Training Academy in Miami. Alex has brought hairdressing to an artistic form-a true master of hair.

He is quite handsome and a charming personality to keep his clients feeling comfortable with an undeniable trust. Alex says “You must like and care for your clients because they'll be nothing but floors, ceiling and furniture to look at—I don’t think hairdressing is just a career, it’s a calling, not just a job—almost something you’re born with inside of you.”

My treatment originally called the “Brazilian Straightening System” was reformulated as “The Coppola Keratin Straightening System” (formaldehyde removed)

The process took 3 care-free hours. Alex worked to loosen the curl and remove the frizz. Voila!!! Remarkable-it’s a miracle!!!...I have enjoyed soft, shiny and most important FRIZZ-FREE hair for 3 months! Stop by ACOTE, 132 Newbury Street and say hello to Alex. Take in the beautiful deck adjoining the salon, relax and ask for a consultation and a cappuccino—the BEST Boston has to offer!— for more info!

--Mary N. DiZazzo-Trumbull

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