By Mary N. DiZazzo

LUSH—for the love of sugar and the death of dimples

Ciao bella,

In true LUSH fashion two NEW solid sugar scrubs have been developed to end cellulite and dimples—in the shower!

According to Helen Ambrosen, LUSH product Creator and Company founder, “One of the most important things to do is to keep your skin gently stimulated maintaining healthy circulation.” By doing this you'll encourage the elimination of toxins, ensure a healthy turnover of cells and stimulate muscle tone.

The NEW Sugar Scrubs are shaped into a half moon solid product so you can gently rub, rub, rub those dead cells away!

Made of sugar, sodium bicarb and cream of tartar-together make for an easy to use sugar scrub. When used conveniently in the shower on wet skin you can feel and see the sugary magic leaving you with bright, smooth glowing skin.

SUGAR SCRUB ($4.95) uses Fair Trade sugar to relieve cellulite and to invigorate your skin. It contains a stimulating blend of fresh fennel and fennel oil—acts as a great tonic for the skin. The lavender oil has a healing effect on the skin, and the ginger is warming for good circulation.

SUGAR BABE ($4.95)—this super scrub is filled with a soft, soothing center that will make your skin feel refreshed and totally rejuvenated. As the Fair Trade sugar melts away the nourishing center of extra virgin coconut oil is revealed. This light protein rich oil softens and moisturizes the body while beeswax absolute, a natural antiseptic, soothes and protects your skin. Your skin is seductively scented with mimosa absolute and ylang ylang, luxuriously sensational.

Visit your local LUSH store today and pick it up!

Buona giornata, and God bless the United States of America!

--Mary N. DiZazzo-Trumbull

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