By Mary N. DiZazzo

Mother Earth presents Volcanic Clay Beautifully!

“The spiritual leader Mahatma Ghandi was known to have praised volcanic clay for a multitude of uses.”

Ciao bella,

Ahhhhh che brava Mother Earth! There are so many wondrous and natural benefits from this mom. See how this beautifying ingredient can help you.

Volcanic ash clay, also known as sodium bentonite clay is born when volcanic ash mixes with water forming a clay. This ingredient contains a combination of minerals that are known for their extended health and skin benefits. Volcanic ash clay is often called “a living clay” due to its rich, natural mineral content.

Many years ago a stretch of volcanoes from Mexico to Southern Canada erupted. The eruptions produced dust-sized particles. The reaction with salt water is what makes up the clay. But only after years after becoming buried by deep, dense layers of silica and mud, natural erosion caused the bentonite layers to be re-exposed.

The end result was “ash clay.” The properties of volcanic ash clay are numerous. It is highly absorptive, holding up to 7-10 times its weight in water. Its calming abilities act as a natural anti-inflammatory.

The clay is known to help visually improve the look of blemishes, celluloid, sun damage, stretch marks, wrinkles, age spots and more. The minerals in the ash help to exfoliate while revitalizing the skin. Draws out toxins from the body and relieves under eye puffiness. Also helps to improve the appearance of crow's feet and scars. The clay replenishes dry, dull skin while hiding an uneven skin tone. Just remarkable anti-inflammatory properties are the principle qualities.

Due to its nature as a “living clay,” it is safe enough to ingest as a form of a supplement to repair and rebuild tissues.

Once a best-kept secret of the most elite health and beauty spas in the world; you can now affordably find volcanic ash clay in facial masks or eye and lip masks.

These masks help to hydrate the skin, tighten upper skin layers and draw out toxins to create soft, clean skin.

I think it's time for a volcanic ash clay mask! Hmmmmm I know I have one around here somewhere!

Buona giornata, and God bless the United States of America!

--Mary N. DiZazzo-Trumbull

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