By Mary N. DiZazzo

Old Rule/New Rule

Ciao bella,

Recently my Nails Magazine presented an article I found quite interesting. I would like to share a synopsis of it with you.

OLD RULE—Nail Salons have a distinctive smell.

NEW RULE—Nail Salons are odor free because the technology today is much more advanced in ventilation systems. If you should walk into an acrylic smelly salon/spa-walk right out!

OLD RULE—Clients are unconcerned about salon sanitation.

NEW RULE—Clients regularly ask questions regarding the sanitation practices of a salon/spa. It is in their best interest that all clients be concerned on the protocol of sanitation for both pedi’s and manicures!

OLD RULE—A real salon must offer acrylics.

NEW RULE—The average consumer doesn’t wear any type of nail enhancement. Creating an environment and offering exclusive natural nail treatments is becoming extremely popular and have opened up in droves (certainly in Beverly Hills, California—Come on people let’s catch up!).

OLD RULE—There are 2 pedicure options.

NEW RULE—Specialty services based on themes such as the Chocolate Pedicure or the Mojito Manicure are just a few of many themes used in salon/spas. Take advantage of their aromatherapy/mood enhancing treatments.

OLD RULE—French manicure means a white tip with a neutral sheer over the nail.

NEW RULE—The “French manicure” has become fashion-forward with the evolving profile in beauty industry. French means a combination of any two colors that work well together. But no matter what, the original French manicure will remain as iconic as the Chanel handbag!

OLD RULE—Red polish or French manicure were the only acceptable choices.

NEW RULE—Nail polish colors are matched to the latest trends in consumer fashion, with purples, blacks, yellows, and more being stylish depending on the season.Feel good, feel beautiful—get a manicure today!

Buona giornata, and God bless the United States of America!

--Mary N. DiZazzo-Trumbull

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