By Mary N. DiZazzo

New Lush Inventions – Autumn 2008

Ciao bella,

They’ve done it again, those Lushientists have introduced these wonderful new products to help you in your skin benefit the helpful relief from everyday stresses we combat in our every day lives. It’s exciting to bring you first hand these fantastic products.

For the shower when it’s all the time you have—EMOTIBOMBS—just when you thought LUSH had come up with every possible variation to have fun in your shower or tub.

Up The Wooden Hill to Bedfordshire will help you sleep like a babe with the aid of lavender, chamomile and neroli-sweet dreams ahead!

Up You Gets—this shower treat will wake you up before that caffeine fix with its tiny little fragrance molecules of lime, lemon, and grapefruit-rise and shine!

Sex In The Shower—in committing to it’s green theme, LUSH figures conserving on water with this bomb. As the warm water touches its surface wafts of sensual scents entwine themselves around you. Lather up and rinse responsibly!

Too Drunk—this one is great for a hangover or whenever you need just the extra zing to make it through whatever! Essential oils of peppermint, marigold and fennel get you feeling groovy.

Working ourselves up are TONER TABS—preservative and packaging free! These are vitamin rich essential oils and hydrating fluids to tone the face.

Drop a TAB in a bowl of steaming hot water, wrap a towel around your head and let the steam refresh your facial skin. After you’re left with a bowl full of toner to wash your face or body with.

The three varieties are T-Tree Toner Tab—tea tree oil is an anti-bacterial—great for teen skin and the aloe vera powder is excellent for calming irritations, softening, and protecting the skin.

Vitamin C Toner Tab—with restoring and softening qualities, for mature and aging skin to smooth out wrinkles.

Vitamin E Toner Tab—to balance and tone with lavender, neroli and geranium. Improves skin elasticity for all skin types.

Last but not least—NEW! Pumpkin Soap-a creamy pumpkin scented soap containing wild orange, lime, mandarin, and spice cinnamon. It’s yummy, but don’t eat it, get clean.

Buona giornata and God bless the United States of America!


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