By Mary N. DiZazzo

It’s All About Color This Fall 2008

Ciao bella,

If you're into the "Natural Look" this coming season you'll be out of Vogue.

Colors are rich, bold and daring. Nail colors such as ESSIE’s New Fall Collection carries a deep , bright , mauve on their palette.

Eyes are deep, dark and smoky—midnight blues, greens, purples, gold, and browns highlight our peepers. Rich Kohl outlines upper and lower lids. Eyebrow kits are available to shade and deepen that already beautifully shaped brow—the frame for your eyes.

You'll also find flecks of silver and gold for dark high-impact eyes.

Yves St. Laurent has put out a black lip gloss called “Noir”—to match those black nails that never went out of fashion, just a summer break. You can also use just a few drops of “Noir” gloss with your fav color to deepen a pouty lip! Rich and deserving is Revlon's “Cherries In The Snow” lipstick. Certainly a retro color- as retro as Rachael Menken in Mad Men—her style has marched right into our fashion season.

Hair is highlighted and big and poufy-spritz hairspray onto those roots—then blow dry.

Clothes are sleek, tailored—fun textured materials. From `50s taffeta skirts to leopard dresses—some accessorize with a retro `30s small veiled hat and gloves—yes dress gloves and hats are making a big splash for fall.

Wear it well.

Buona giornata and God bless the United States of America!


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