By Mary N. DiZazzo

Free Retro LUSH -- Get It While You Can

Ciao bella,

Here I am again toasting the good old days when LUSH products were not even available in the United States. So in continuing the celebration LUSH has launched its Retro Gift BoxóChock full of goodies from the past.

This is a limited edition gift box containing six of LUSH brandís most coveted and beloved discontinued items. So letís take a trip down memory lane and recognize some good ole scentastics.

Uluru Bath Bomb. LUSH wanted Uluru to have the same calming effect as the sight of a stunning sunset at the end of a busy day. Hence the desert rosewood oil that is said to uplift and enliven the mind when its bogged down with problems, likewise the refreshing lemon myrtle, sublimely calming sandalwood and reviving orange oil.

Bon Bomb Bath Bomb. Bon Bomb is very fruity with a charmingly sweet, spicy flavor to it. Bathe with this little gem and your skin will smell very superior and will feel fabulous as LUSH has pressed a mass of natural butters into each one; tiny pieces of mango butter, shea butter and organic avocado butter float around the bath until they meet your body, at which point they transform you into a softer, smoother, more moisturized person.

Pineapple Grunt Soap. With its chunks of fresh, organic pineapple and scent of calming vetivert - made from fragrant Indian grass - you can wash yourself down in the shower and imagine you've been caught in a tropical rainstorm. Your skin will smell as if you have been massaged with the local perfumes, and will feel extra clean after washing with enzyme-packed pineapple.

Red Rooster Soap. LUSH's little Red Rooster wakes you up just as surely as a cockerel crowing outside your bedroom window, but it does it with a bit more finesse. Juice of fresh, organic oranges is squeezed into the mixing vat and cinnamon oil is added to warm up your body and get it going plus orange essential oil to refresh. A fresh layer of orange juice and cinnamon soap is revealed as you wash; their reviving scents will percolate through the fog of your morning mind and bring you to life again.

Slammer Shower Gel. Slammer will get you out of bed and lead you to the shower. Your eyes will spring open; your brain will flicker and come to life. Your skin will tingle with refreshing sea salt and be soothed with honey; you will be wide awake and smelling fresh as a lime tree.

Freeze Shower Gel. Peppermint feels fresh and tingly because of its action on your skin. When you're cold it makes you feel warm and when youíre hot it cools you down. Mostly were hot so we get the delightful, cool, fresh, tingly thing going on. Freeze isn't just made with peppermint because that would be a bit too dull for LUSH. Detect reviving orange and uplifting bergamot and you'll feel soothing aloe and refreshing sea salt on your skin. Use it after a sticky journey home from work.

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Buona giornata and God bless the United States of America!


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