By Mary N. DiZazzo

“Mineral Makeup” – What is it exactly?

Ciao bella,

“Mineral makeup”—that’s all I've been hearing and reading about as the new trendy way to wearing your makeup more naturally. So I'm here to tell you the lowdown on it.

Mineral makeup as beauty lore has it was a cosmetic discovery (purely marketable) as a 1970s aftermath of the notorious Haight-Ashbury love-ins of San Francisco. It claims to have no chemicals, preservatives or dyes like other standard makeup.

It has skin benefits since it’s formulated from finely ground minerals from the earth. The main ingredients of minerals are mica, zinc oxide and titanium dioxide. These minerals also exist in our traditional makeup. But mineral makeup doesn’t have the typical skin irritants such as fragrances, binders, synthetic dyes and preservatives.

Mineral makeup is considered a lot purer and gentler for your skin. The results of using mineral makeup in it’s usual powder form with the proper makeup brushes boasts a light, natural, long-lasting glow that simply can not be duplicated by other types of makeup.

From my eyebrows(no more pencil) to my skin and cheek color.

I am a true fan. Even through my suntan the age-less glow is like no other traditional makeup has ever done.

You be the judge and try some mineral makeup today. For more info on brand names and where to go for a professional demo-call me.

This is one exploding trend I'm sure glad I didn’t let pass by.

Buona giornata and God bless the United States of America!


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