By Mary N. DiZazzo

A French Toast

Ciao bella,

Who doesn’t love a French manicure? So many people have claimed its fame. The French claiming it originated in 18th century Paris and was popular in the 1920s and ‘30s. Then a nail icon claimed it was he in 1976 that introduced the “Natural Look” making its debut on a Paris runway—then naming it the French manicure.

Anyway, it’s a style of polishing the nails or making the nails look clean and simple for a natural look.

You can wear this style from the beach to your wedding dress, etc.

It has a romantic look considering its simplicity.

You never have to think about it matching your lipstick, or even for that matter the color of your outfit.

The French manicure is lasting and when well-painted impressive. As conservative as it looks it also makes a classy and elegant statement. There was a time when manicures used to be a luxury and French manicures said, “I get my nails done.”

A legendary Los Angeles buffer uses white zinc “nail ink” under the tip as an alternative to a painted smile line.

There are many versions of French manicures—In my experience I have painted off-white tips coated just with clear. I have painted a white tip with subtle over coats such as pink, lavender, gold and silver.

A French manicure is still ooo-la-la!

Buona giornata and God bless the United States of America!

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