By Mary N. DiZazzo

“When you're getting a facial don't forget your décolleté"!

Ciao bella,

So many women take care of their face with all the new promotional spa and skin care treatments available from salons to department stores.

But what about your décolleté? It is your upper chest area just above the breasts. An area which tends to be a cosmetically neglected part of a women's body.

Most estheticians and spa giants claiming fabulous skin care stop their cleansing routines at the jaw bone. Usually the neck and chest is neglected without the attention it should be given. This area tends to wrinkle with fine lines as Mother Nature keeps blessing us with all our birthdays every year.

Your hair and face is first impression but your décolleté should appear smooth and healthy. It is an area that also is a big tell-tale sign of a women's age.

So where it is one of the most beautiful and feminine areas of the body it should be treated in the same manner that one treats the face.

Visit your fav spa or let your fingers do the walking and find a place that offers treatments specifically aimed to treat the neck and décolleté.

Also to protect the area a natural sun block is a must.

So enhance your beautiful bosom today with a neck and décolleté treatment!

Buona giornata and God bless the United States of America!

P.S. And for any of your cosmetic challenges stop by A Matter of Face in Boston's Historic North End at 425 Hanover Street. For more info visit or call Paula at (617) 742-BLUSH.

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