By Mary N. DiZazzo

Comfort and High Tech in the Beauty Salon

Ciao bella,

The cosmetology industry has certainly come around full swing since my nana and mom practiced their intricate finger waves and perms with a machine!

The last decade has seen some of cosmetology's most extraordinary turns.

First of all, long gone are the hair-frying curling irons and neck-wrenching shampoo bowls. The implements used 100 years ago seemed like torture appliances. The styling tools of today are ergonomically suited for the supreme comfort of the client. We have gained advantage by using high-quality blow dryers and flat irons. Imagine flat irons (the one we use as professionals) retailing upwards of $200.00? A terrific brand of flat iron is CHI's Ceramic Iron. So easy on hair, extremely popular with client and professional—it's been one of the decade’s top sellers.

As for products lines—Soy became a popular ingredient in hair care products early in the decade while mineral makeup became an essential.

Microdermabrasion revolutionized the skincare world for those clients seeking softer and smoother skin.

The baby boomers are demanding hair color services, followed by skincare and spa services.

Hair extensions also have reached great lengths in popularity. Imagine growing your hair anywhere from 2 inches to even past 10 inches in a matter of hours—sometimes just a minute with a "clip-on". These procedures are beautifully and technically done.

The latest big trend is the care of the eyebrow (Brow Bars are all over). Also the fullness and extension of the eyelashes has become a one-shop stop. Permanent makeup tattooing is also popular for brows, eyes and lips.

So let's leave the primitive tools behind us as client and professional and face forward into this industry's feel great and look great Millennium.

Buona giornata and God bless the United States of America!

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