By Mary N. DiZazzo

New Products That Work To Make You Feel And Look Great!

Ciao bella,

There are just so many choices today at your store. Whether it be the supermarket, vitamin store, cosmetics, etc. Let me steer you toward fabulous products that work.

Moroccanoil for your tresses is a unique ultra-light, non-greasy formula that seals in shine, producing silky perfection. Never in all my cosmetology years have I ever used a product that made a healthy and distinct difference on my hair. Ask a stylist about it now, or call me!

Kosmea’s Rescue Body Cream and Rescue Skin Balm—want to chase away those dry skin blues and jump into a smooth and soft birthday suit? Here’s your answer to achieve baby soft. Made with organic rose hip oil, Kosmea’s Skin Balm is a natural ointment to help treat skin emergencies relieving symptoms of dry itchy skin—also great for reducing the appearance of scars.

Kosmea’s Body Cream is rich and soothing. Nourishing the body naturally with its famous rose hip oil to help rescue skin from the elements and loss of skin elasticity.

For more info visit my website at

LUSH’s Lily Savon Soap is a new and dreamy creamy, lily-scented soap. It makes you feel like you are wandering the lily gardens on a lush spring day. Made with lily head infusion, it gives a lovely fragrance and the infusion helps to tone skin’s complexion. Neroli is from the blossom of the bitter orange tree. It’s excellent for new skin regeneration and great on dry, sensitive skin. Helps with skin elasticity, wrinkles, stretch marks, and thread veins. Jasmine from India soothes dry, sensitive skin. It’s also an aphrodisiac that relieves stress. Visit for more info and a store close to you!

Spring is around the corner, so make it look and feel good.

Buona giornata and God bless the United States of America!

Have you missed any of Mary's columns in the Post-Gazette? Read prior weeks' "All That Zazz" columns on her website She is a third-generation cosmetologist and owner of Mary for Nails, etc. natural nailcare salon, and a Massachusetts distributor of Kosmea brand rose hip oil products. She may be contacted at (978) 470-8183.