By Mary N. DiZazzo

How Not to Look Old: A New Book by Charla Krupp

Ciao bella,

If you havenít heard about it yet you must get it and read it. Charla Krupp has made a name for herself in the beauty and fashion industry. As beauty director for Glamour and senior editor at Instyle, sheís had demonstrations on more than 100 fashion and beauty segments on NBCís Today Show.

Her new book just out the beginning of this new year How Not to Look Old is chock full of wonderful beauty and fashion tips.

So if your other new year resolutions have faltered itís not too late to read on this galís experiences.

Here are some of Charlaís tips:

Itís always important for women to pay attention to the way they look. Looking good gives women confidence. Face it, if you look gray and dated, if you donít feel good about yourself, it will affect your personal as well as your professional life.

This book helps women over 40 find their own personal style.

Some of the most common traps women over 40 fall into is wearing lipstick that is too dark. Lip liner that is darker than the lip color has to go. Also, heavy dark eyeliner, acrylic nails, and dressing like youíre a teenager are definite no-nos.

The one thing a woman could do today to look younger is have her eyebrows shaped. It lifts up your entire face and can make such a difference. Itís like an instant face lift.

That gal has some great ideas.

As for personalizing your face care and make-up routine, go visit Paula as A Matter of Face, right here in the North End, 425 Hanover St. Her next Beauty Brunch will be Sunday, February 10, from 11-12. See you there!

Buona giornata and God bless the United States of America!

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