By Mary N. DiZazzo

NEW Scentuals from LUSH

Ciao bella,

Come and get it! Those scentientists have done it again. Products to help you feel wonderfully soft, scented and relaxed.

Start off your day with Greenwash the new pine tree soap with a fresh fragrance of oakmoss absolute and gardenia extract. Good for dry/mature skin and the environment.

Before a night out use Cocktail Guest. This beautiful purple soap has an enticing cocktail scent of ylang ylang, rose, jasmine absolutes and orange blossom. Feels wonderfully indulgent on the skin and leaves a hint of iridescent glitter so you can shine on.

The newest bath bomb is Green Party. Celebrate being green and gorgeous with a party in the bath scented with bergamot and ylang ylang and galbanum oils—quite an aphrodisiac! So share the green in the tub.

The new Green Bubble Bar also delights with grapefruit, vetivert, bergamot and neroli oils. Crumble bar under running water and expect the bubbles to relax and soften you.

And new on the lot are the Solid Perfumes. Karma Perfume (a fav scent of mine derived from Karma Creme) made with exquisite oils—this intriguing scent has been picked to evoke a sense of euphoria and peaceful well-being. I agree.

If you loved Honey I Washed the Kids soap—well now there’s a solid perfume with that wonderful honey and toffee scent.

New Champagne Snow Showers solid perfume is a citrus infused cognac cocktail for a light refreshing scent. All solid perfumes last and last. Pick some up today at your nearest LUSH. Or visit

Buona giornata and God bless the United States of America!

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