By Mary N. DiZazzo

A Day in the Life of a Student Star

Ciao bella,

What are some dreams made of? For this young woman who is sugar and spice she went to school—movie star school—to become an actress. After several years at Boston University’s fabulous training for acting with a semester in London, England, she’s off now in Tinsel Town finishing her premiere internship.

She experienced another world at the Donners’ Company. Being her first internship she realized the huge world theatre can be for a student. The Donners’ Company, based in Los Angeles, is one of Hollywood’s most prestigious production companies. The company is working on two new X-Men movies, The Secret Life of Bees and Hotel for Dogs. Our student got to meet the canine star of the movie who plays “Friday.” She has also met several stars but hasn’t been able to get a few tips.

Now some of her goals include producing sketches, episodic series, and also features for women around the themes of femininity. She has also found that comedy and character drama are her favorite acting qualities.

Her make-up routine seems to be natural beauty—lucky kid!

But after a lot of research and interviewing she found a great hair colorist “Ali” at The Cottage salon in Beverly Hills. She’s also had her hair cut by Vivian at Rudy’s Barbershop in The Standard Hotel. It was high quality and inexpensive.

I’ve seen Megan Bradley act when she was in school and she’s incredibly talented. Her Shakespeare on the Common debut in Boston received a rave review with her photo in the Boston Globe.

This lovely Andover-bred firecracker is heading to the top. I just hope she’ll remember us.

Buona giornata and God bless the United States of America!

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