By Mary N. DiZazzo

Brush Up

Ciao bella,

Ever wonder why those gorgeous models look like they have such great skin? Not all of them do, but their make-up applications depend on using the right brush. Even a Hollywood make-up professional swears by his make-up brush. So many to choose from that I suggest a jaunt to your local beauty store and they’ll be happy to show you what the correct brush can do to improve your make-up application.

In fact, a make-up artist can use up to four or more different brushes just for eyes alone.

As a referral guide here are a few guidelines when purchasing make-up brushes.

Throughout the years different hair and hair blends have been used in brush-making. The different blends of hair when used compare when different products are used.

Synthetic brushes are best when used for most foundations. Also lip and concealer brushes are best for cream and liquid products. The natural fibers such as goat, pony, badger, and sable are best for powder. Squirrel hair brushes give you a soft sheer application with an air-brushed-like finish. The natural fibers are preferred by the professionals.

The shape of the brush is also key in a make-up application. A point or narrow tip with soft bristles is great for depositing and blending color, while angled brushes are good for drawing lines around the eyes or lips. You should use only one side of an eye shadow brush. A loosely packed brush applies less product; saving product. This is great for dusting powder over a lid or lightly applying sparkly bronzer on cleavage and shoulders.

After all these fine tips all you’ll want for Christmas is a set of make-up brushes. Go see Paula, owner and expert, of A Matter of Face, right in the North End at 425 Hanover St ( or 617-74 BLUSH).

Buona giornata and God bless the United States of America!

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