By Mary N. DiZazzo


Ciao bella,

If you’re traveling to Hershey, Pennsylvania, (known for the famous Hershey’s Chocolate Bar) stop by the Hotel Hershey’s own Spa.

An award-winning team of beauty specialists help create a unique feeling as you enter this 30,000 square foot of chocolate paradise. Guests range from thirteen years old to 80. There are 53 treatment and service areas. But it’s all about the chocolate. The Spa’s defining characteristic is its chocolate-infused treatments

The idea was spawned after its locality “Chocolate Town USA”

Worthy mentionables are the “Sweet-Feet Pedicure”. It’s their signature pedicure, and they use a chocolate-sugar scrub, chocolate fondue mask, and cocoa massage oil.

Then there’s the “Cuban Hands and Feet Treatment”: (a reflection of Milton Hershey’s love for Cuba and the sugar plantation mills he once operated in the country). This treatment begins with a Mojito sugar scrub to soften and smooth skin. A refreshing mask and a paraffin dip is applied and a moisturizing massage tops off the relaxing treatment.

Guests are also treated to “Hershey Rain Showers”, chocolate massages, and chocolate facials. Never enough chocolate—yum, yum, yum.

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