By Mary N. DiZazzo

Beauty Gone Bad

Ciao bella,

Have you ever experienced a traumatic beauty visit at a salon or spa?

Well, I've seen it all in my career.

From bangs to facials to nail polish, it's been almost comical. Luckily, most of it goes away, heals, or grows out --it might take forever.

Mixing and applying hair color is an art and must be taken seriously. Recently my cousin Lauren had a date to finally introduce her new guy to her best friends. The night before the date Mr. Handsome decided with his friends to dye their hair blonde. If it's blonde on the package and your hair is dark brown it takes a lot of steps to prepare for that blonde to happen. When those critical steps are eliminated you get a "highway barrel" orange tone --ugh!

Eventually anybody that does home coloring is going to have to end up in a professional chair.

Also, a piece of advice for one and all is: whenever you have a big event coming up, never get a facial and a wax at the same time. Separate appointments and have it done at least seven days before the event.

When you decide to have your make-up and hair done for your wedding, award ceremony or queen of the event, you being the main focus, always make a pre-trial appointment and make sure after that appointment you will feel comfortable with that look. I've seen more brides in tears!

Oh, and watch the nail polish when you bring the children into a salon. Years ago this grandmother came in attired quire designer-ly. She insisted little Jemma sit on her lap while I painted her nails --much against my advice.

Jemma reached over to a bright red bottle of polish, opened it, and drizzled it all over the grandmother's (not so lovely anymore) clothes.

Stay pretty!

Buona giornata and God bless the United States of America!

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