By Mary N. DiZazzo

East Boston Ladies Shine in Their Golden Age

Ciao bella,

No grass grows under these girls! Living life, spreading the love, sharing joy have been the beauty attributes adorning these ladies.

"Boredom will make you feel and look old," says one of the members. We keep our spirits up and going by becoming involved with the community and our neighbors.

Mary Ann's group, The Golden Age Club, maintains certain beauty marks with a kind of "age is mind over matter: if you don't mind it doesn't matter."

At a recent daytime function at Spinelli's Banquet Hall in East Boston, they planned a feast of dancing, food, music, and song celebrating Mother's Day. It was really marvelous to be entertained with such zest. It's a beauty secret for sure. Use it or lose it.

Mary Ann Cerundolo the queen of this East Boston entourage plans not only terrific parties but fabulous bus tours from out-of-state Italian feasts to Mohegan Sun. With her treasurer Terry DeSimone by her side you can be assured of a grand time. Mary Ann says when you walk through those doors leave your troubles behind and relax.

She keeps up a unique spirited energy that influences all around her. Not to mention the intriguing story of her Italian heritage. We all need that kind of a lift -- not a facelift. Beauty knows no age.

So ladies, if you feel the golden years are letting you down, retirement consists of one long vacation peppered with doctor appointments and, sadly, the loss of friends. Rejoice, pick yourself up and get involved with your neighborhood doings. Let those smile lines shine.

Laughter is the best medicine.

Buona giornata and God bless the United States of America!

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