By Mary N. DiZazzo

Keep Lovin' It Up With Lush!

Ciao bella,

Valentine's Day may be over but the love is still flowing off the shelves of Lush, our favorite cosmetic groceria. They're located locally on Newbury Street in Boston and, new this year, in Harvard Square on JFK Street.

Think Pink bath bomb has a sweet fragrance with confetti hearts to fill your tub.

Lush bath bombs are a total experience for the senses --the color of the water, surprises that fizz away, the smell of each scent arising from the steam in sensory layers. The amazing skin softening ingredients leave you a silky smooth operator.

Try the ever-popular Sex Bomb; it carries a floating rose!

By now we're all watching our chocolate intake. No reason you can't shower with the delightful scent of chocolate and orange Sonic Death Monkey. Ooh-la-la!

Flying Fox shower gel -- use it for a honey soothing shower orgy.

Figs and Leaves bath bar is more a moisturizer than a soap. It softens your skin with aloe vera.

Sexy Peel is a reviving marmalade soap that will wake you up with fresh fruits.

A great gift for your dreamboat is the stack. It stimulates skin cells for men and women. Three bars, three ways to scare away winter's damage.

As part of a romantic evening at home, give yourselves a Cupcake facial. It's calorie-free and chocolaty yummy --a vegan-based product with antiseptic qualities.

Then soothe it up and smooth it out with the Lush Sexy Four sumptuous skin care kit.

Give Lush a try; you'll be sure to fall in love.

Buona giornata and God bless the United States of America!

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