By Mary N. DiZazzo

To Have a Friend You Must be a Friend, but Never Let Her Borrow Your Make-up!

Ciao bella,

Youth tends to take care of your skin naturally. Using make-up enhances a bright young face. Your enthusiastic girlfriends share their trips to the mall and exchange all kinds of tips and make-up tricks. As time marches on make-up and skincare techniques must differ in order to keep looking good and feeling good. Chemistry and technology change too.

Your many young girlfriends are not all the same --the ones you thought you could never live a day without your usual two hour phone chat! Your skincare and make-up should, naturally, change as well. The bright shining and vivid colors should be more subdued. Friends from the club or your class also show an interest in the fall season of new colors and tricks. The magazines you shared exploded with so many beauty tips and personal stories.

Experiences and dramas made us relate to emotional stories and sometimes their solutions. Friends become fewer as everyone's life changes with their make-up. No reason, just the nature of the beast.

You need to enhance your natural skin differently than when you were young with many girlfriends. A regimen for mature skin must be adapted as a lifestyle. That includes such things as the cleansing and moisturizing process and also color and density of foundation.

But just like friends, you'll always still treasure just a few favorite make-up and skincare tips and products from long, long ago.

Buona giornata and God bless the United States of America!

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