By Mary N. DiZazzo

LUSH Can Solidly Help You Fly

Ciao bella,

Our security to protect us and our homeland takes priority. But it has also changed the way we pack our cosmetics.

If you don't trust the airlines to deliver your checked bags to your destination you can still bring on board a carry-on and fill it with yummy solid delights.

LUSH's groceria style products contain 68 percent of solid inventory. Here are just some of the goodies.

Happy Talk Lip Balm. Coffee flavored gloss filled with shea butter and sesame oil to soften, while essential oils of black pepper, clove, and cinnamon add a bit of color to your lips.

Sexy Peel Soap. A dreamy, creamy bar filled with scents of lemon and lime and grapefruit. Contains a little cornstarch for a creamy, smooth lather.

Try my fav perfumed bar, The Amazonian to calm the fear of flying and soothe nerves. Mainly used as a massage bar, the scent will send you to heaven!

The Soft Coeur bar will soften your skin; it contains toffee and chocolate scented butters. De-lish!

LUSH also puts out Body Butters, chunky cubes of solid natural butters wrapped in paper ready to roll on. Cocoa butter is their main ingredient. Find yourself a scented "spa in a bar" to suit yourself.

Solid deodorant, Aromaco, helps control sweating. It can also be used on feet. It's gentle with scent of patchouli and leaves no marks on clothes.

Shampoo, Trichomania (the love of hair) contains real creamed coconut for its gentle effect on dry hair. Comes in blocks!

And for a memorable bath experience bring along the Marathon Bubble Bar for trips that help with the aches and pains of travel and a scent that will send you out running. The international flag in it marks the Olympics in London in 1912.

Or for the night out of your life, try Frosty Glitter Bubble Bar. It has glistening flecks of silver and euphoric uplifting qualities.

LUSH has it all, with two locations in our area --Boston's Newbury Street and Harvard Square.

Buona giornata and God bless the United States of America!

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