By Mary N. DiZazzo

A Lady's Dressing Room in 1892

Ciao bella,

Times have changed in so many ways. The influences of tradition and technology have certainly played their part in the way women take care of themselves today.

According to London tradition, here are some interesting notes on a Lady's Dressing Room* in the year 1892.

"A woman should always be found fresh, beautiful and sweet as a flower. Everyone should believe her to be so adorned by nature like the lilies of the field. No one need know that her beauty is acquired at the cost of a thousand little attentions. What is life, without some illusions?

"The prettiest women in society plunge a towel into very hot water, wring it out, and lay it on their faces for half-an-hour. Try this before getting into bed, wiping off lightly any dust that may have collected there during the day.

"Half an hour should be allowed to pass after washing before going out or sitting at an open window.

"Sitting up late at night reading novels is infallible for drawing that terrible network of crow's feet 'round the eye.

"An artificial smile stamps two large creases from the nose to the corners of the mouth.

"At the end of May, take a pound of the freshest butter possible (unmixed with salt); place it in a white basin where the sun will be on it the whole day, but where no dust or dirt can fall on it. When the butter is melted, pour over it plantain juice. Mix the two together with a wooden spoon. Allow the sun to absorb the plantain water and add more juice on six times a day. Continue this till the butter is white. During the last few days add a little orange-flower water and rose water. Anoint your face with this ointment at night and wipe it carefully in the morning."

Now, where's that fab bottle of my Kosmea moisturizing cream?

Buona giornata and God bless the United States of America!

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