By Mary N. DiZazzo

Make-up Tips for the Mature Woman

Ciao bella,

Time has ticked away those days the way you used to apply a palette to your face. Mother Nature commands a different and subtle approach enhancing our natural beauty spots.

First off--when I was nineteen years old I invested in a vanity with chair, mirror, make-up lights and plenty of drawers to hold everything from hair accessories to my skin care routine and of course make-up! It's the only way to start your day.

Your complexion must be exfoliated and moisturized. So no matter what make-up you use, it won't look good on dry flaky skin. (Ask me about KOSMEA's Fab skin care line!)

Now that you've moisturized, some experts suggest using a primer. A primer evens out texture and gives a soft dewy look before you apply your make-up. Sometimes I just use primer alone. A great one is from Napoleon Cosmetics (like KOSMEA it's also from Australia) found at Saks Fifth Ave., right here in Boston. In fact, the girls at that counter can show you some great one-on-one tips. Call anytime and ask when it's best for a free make-up consultation.

Now, once your face is fully hydrated, you can begin to apply make-up.

Concealer is number one, to hide dark circles under eyes as well as age spots or other beauty flaws. A liquid concealer is best rather than a paste. The liquid blends easier.

Okay, now for the foundation which must match your skin tone so the product literally fades into your skin. Try not to use too much. On a mature face less is best.

Now that you have your face on, stay tuned for the next make-up lesson, continuing with cheeks, eyes, and kissable lips.

Buona giornata and God bless the United States of America!

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