By Mary N. DiZazzo

Color My World

Ciao bella,

Color plays a vital role in the world in which we live. Color both creates a spirit and ambiance for the moment and in its longevity conveys purpose. Whether it be in the home, the dress you are wearing, or the colorful effects achieved in the salon, it has been proven that color affects our moods.

Wearing a fashionable red dress for your Valentines date instead of the black dress conveys charged emotions and attracts attention. The color red will always stimulate the senses! Whereas the black color represents elegance and formality. Black is also a mysterious color -- truly a color which dominates my closet!

Orange is zesty and vibrant. It signifies warmth and energy. Certainly it is a color not seen and used enough for its vital expression.

Yellow implies awakening and intellectual power. A warm color, it expresses joy and happiness. The color (unfortunately) can also imply deceit or cowardice. Beware of yellow roses! But wear it with zest.

Green --which was my fav growing up and still is for eye make-up color-- signifies the color of life. It also expresses growth and the environment. Green can also represent envy and jealousy --green with envy

Blue is the color of peace and faith. Its tone is importance and confidence. Dark blue (the business suit color) is associated with intelligence, stability, and conservatism.

Purple has forever represented royalty and nobility. Purple can also suggest excitement.

White is a symbol of purity and innocence. It also expresses cleanliness and safety. It makes me think of an old-fashioned bride or of a doctor and nurse -- or a French manicure.

So whether you're going to paint it, wear it, or live with it, remember to color your world to suit the mood.

Buona giornata and God bless the United States of America!

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