By Mary N. DiZazzo

A New Year's Resolution -- Beauty is Healing with Dahn Yoga.

Ciao bella,

Just recently I took that long plane trip to Hong Kong. So many people asked me how did I take the plane sooo long. Dahn Yoga breathing and posture exercises certainly helped. I also "psych'd" myself into believing that the plane was my home. That came from the de-stressing routines practiced and taught at Dahn Yoga by the marvelous instructors.

Their focus is on every day stress relief. It's a great way to exercise off some really heavy baggage we tend to carry around with us all day. And I don't necessarily mean body weight, but our over-loaded minds and souls.

Healing our inner-being by learning to manage stress and emotions and creating a peaceful life can be achieved. Anywhere from acupressure to your own natural ability to heal, the instructors at Dahn Yoga can design a program which fits your schedule with body and mind conditioning that suits you as a unique individual.

We would all like strength and flexibility to replace stiffness, pain, and weakness. Correcting our posture allows our spines to straighten and to be able to release negative mental habits relating to stress that affect our emotional and physical state.

Well, I can't think of a better New Year's Resolution than Dahn Yoga and Healing Center. There are several listed, find one closest to you. My healing experience is located at 122 Cambridge Street, Beacon Hill. There is Sooji, their head instructor. My de-stressing advice came from the knowledgeable Michael Starace. Also a close location for my readership is in Andover, near Wild Oats market.

Buon Ano and God bless the United States of America!


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