By Mary N. DiZazzo

Hong Kong Beauty Bargain

Ciao bella,

Age before beauty. Pearls before swine. You'll find it all here in Hong Kong.

A couple of really fab cosmetic houses are Sasa and Bonjour; they carry most European and some American skincare including perfume that's reasonably priced. Some of the brand-name stuff is in cellophane on a revolving rack.

You'll find unique and bargain-priced accessories for you and your friends, from perfume atomizers to hand-warmers, retractable lip brushes, and nail polish for a buck.

Protein facial packs from tomato to potato run you fifty cents a pack. Truly, you'll find an economical treat for your whole body compared to our high-priced cosmetic houses.

Services here from foot reflexology to beauty parlor services range from five dollars and up to not much more.

Quality and meticulous service abound and are outstanding in this eastern part of the world. In Causeway Bay I was delighted to visit one of my fav stores, the infamous LUSH.

The sensual pearl, illuminating with a lustrous glow, is mesmerizing and full of mystery. Every shape, color, and setting of pearls can be found and bartered for.

The jade from Burma is popular here in Hong Kong, but beware of fake jade (it's fine if you like the knockoff stuff but don't pay the high price.)

Everything can be bargained for whether it's in an alley off Nathan Road in Kowloon or a fine jeweler's on the island.

The outstanding discounts and the polite courtesy are more than I've ever experienced anywhere. The way of life here is a far cry from what we know and we better take some lessons.

Buon Natale and God bless the United States of America!


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