By Mary N. DiZazzo

Have a LUSH-ous Christmas

Ciao bella,

Days before Christmas, and throughout the stores of LUSH, aromas fill the air for the shopping-mad rush. Bright colors this year to catch your eye with hope --Candy Cane Bubble Bars and Angels' Delight Soap.

There are fun stocking stuffers you'll be happy to find --Eggsnog Lip Balm and Randy Buttercream make your skin feel soft just like a dream.

The Christmas Party Bath Bomb made with cognac oil will lift up your spirits --also made with orange oil.

The Snow Fairy Shower Gel will take you back to childhood, scented with almond oil and sweet-scented vanilla. Sparkle your hair with Glam Rock Glitter.

Fill up your tub with H2O and let Ruby Red Slippers Bubbles make your skin glow with twinkling red waters softening with rose.

We dream of a white Christmas all through the year; let it happen with delivery from LUSH's reindeer. Letters to Santa, scented with clove, is spicy and warming like near your stove.

The Snowcake Soap makes it's annual debut --beautiful and almondy and calms you too!

Hollywood Bubble Bar, a classic of LUSH, makes a sexy fragrance, so keep your bath time a hush!

Teddy Bear's Christmas Bombs all scented with honey soothe the holidaze crazy times while you're spending all that money.

Gifts galore --LUSH has it all. Boxes of goodies to make you ready for a ball.

So he'll be checking his list and checking it twice, ask for LUSH, and make it nice.

Buona giornata and God bless the United States of America!


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