By Mary N. DiZazzo

"It's not a mole, it's a beauty mark." --my mom, when I was 12

Ciao bella,

Being born Italian-American comes with so many definite facial and body profiles.

I have cousins that can shave their legs on Monday and by Wednesday have porcupine stubble. They have turned to professional waxing which in time might kill some hair roots. The one and only solution for the facial hair is a professional electrologist -- find one who's highly recommended.

As we all matured into self-conscious teen-agers our dermatologist became our best friend. He always reassured us "it would go away." Just apply this ointment or take this pill regularly and it would clear our complexions.

And as for those "beauty marks" we all had to wait 'til we did get a bit older to appreciate them, especially if they were in the correct places! After all, Marilyn Monroe had hers painted on every day.

And the curly hair that everyone wishes they had, we rolled it up with beer cans and ironed it flat. But give us one good humid hour in Florida and you can watch it spring up before your eyes! All those hair products can never help defy moisture. An "ionic" straightening method in a salon can remedy the frizzies.

Another grand subject in the Italian culture is, of course, the food. Biscottis and cannolis were a reward and soother whether you were happy, sick, or sad. The consequences of delectable sweets and constant homemade food --mangia, mangia-- lead us all to Weight Watchers and the neighborhood gym. Talk about profiles!

And yet there are always the smiling profiles of my beautiful and happy relatives with warm hearts, love in their eyes, and fascinating stories of yesteryear.

For a truly beautiful Italian experience and superb writing, read Rococo by Adriana Trigiani.

Buona giornata and God bless the United States of America!


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