By Mary N. DiZazzo


Ciao bella,

Recover, relieve, and revitalize! Sounds too good to be true, huh?

Well, let my friends at the Boston Sports Club Downtown Crossing help you get in shape and feel beautiful. Maybe you're planning a wedding: start your commitment to fitness with a Boston Sports Club exclusive "Wedding Ready" personal training program. No "runaways accepted.

Need to shape up for a class reunion or big birthday? Call on Victor Meservey, master trainer or Anne Riley, trainer assistant to give you the confidence you'll acquire through BSC's customized work-out programs.

Victor M's years of training and study can also direct someone who has a specific medical condition such as injury, etc. to improve health and strength, personalizing your work-out.

Improve your workout and your outlook. Massage feels great. Maybe that's why people mistakenly consider it a luxury as opposed to what it really is: a very necessary step of your fitness program of health and beauty.

Ryan and Seth are top-rated masseuses. Let their magic hands customize your individual needs. Massage therapy consists of a healing process of the body while eliminating the body's waste. Massage helps to deliver oxygen to the body's cells, improving circulation, and promotes healing of the body and skin.

The comfort of BSC's massage room is tranquil as soothing tunes are played. Jojoba oil is used which is the closest oil to what the body produces naturally. You are spiritually and physically nourished. Call them personally at the Downtown Crossing location (617) 695-9944 or

Interested in spin classes? Check out the master of spin and pilates, Charlene. For kickbox, yoga, and cardio, ask for Ina.

Buona giornata and God bless the United States of America!


Have you missed any of Mary's columns in the Post-Gazette? Read prior weeks' "All That Zazz" columns on her website She is a third-generation cosmetologist and owner of Mary for Nails, etc. natural nailcare salon in Andover, and a Massachusetts distributor of Kosmea brand rose hip oil products. She may be contacted at (978) 470-8183. She also sees select clients by appointment in Boston at (617) 742-6881.