By Mary N. DiZazzo

Viva Santa! ... Sono belli!

The beauty of our saints should live in our memory and hearts forever. Santa Maria Di Anzano is celebrating the centennial of her feast in Boston's North End. In a small village in Anzano, Italy, the image of the Madonna was discovered 400 years ago when one day a young farmer's cow wandered away. As the farmer was searching for it he happened upon some shrubs, as he got closer he noticed a beam of light shining through. The serenity of the Madonna Di Anzano's face is truly peaceful and captivating.

Saint Anthony is to be admired for his manly beauty emulating sereneness and a quality of safety. Being friends with him will help make you find everything you're looking for --lost or in life. The Feast of St. Anthony originated in Montefalcione, Italy, in 1919.

Parading down the streets with these Feast Saints is a joyous tribute celebrating the beauty of their lives and ours.

Saint Agrippina Di Mineo was a beautiful blonde princess who was unmercifully tortured to death by Emperor Valerian in A.D. 256. After her death her body was taken from Rome to Mineo, Sicily, by three holy women, Bassa, Paula, and Agatonica. The story of their journey if full of the miraculous.

I personally grew up with the Three Feast Saints in Lawrence, Massachusetts -S. Filadelfo, S. Alfio, and S. Cirino. Originating from Trecastagni, Sicily, these three martyred brothers from the year 253 lay in rest there. They persevered in their Christian faith and were all tortured to death for it. When I stare into the faces of these brothers I feel and see the beauty of their holiness. During their magnificent procession we were lifted up as children to kiss their feet --a gesture of honor and emulation of the tranquil beauty of the blessed.

Viva Sant' Alfio!

Buona giornata and God bless the United States of America!


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