By Mary N. DiZazzo

"It feels like velvet on your skin."
--Brenda Jalbert
on Cuccio Milk & Honey Butter Blend body Cream

Ciao bella,

Che bravo, Tony Cuccio! He has always strived for superior products and quality care for us as nail technicians and for our clients --our clients who provide us with appreciation and a rewarding career. Tony Cuccio: I have labeled him, the "nail god" of a growing and innovative industry.

He has certainly achieved the American dream. As one of the nail industry's top visionaries and trendsetters, Tony Cuccio is the founder and acting CEO/President of Star Nail International. Way back when a manicurist was complaining about the lack of good quality supplies available at reasonable pricing, Tony made his way into the nail business, starting literally out of a suitcase and hitting the streets, Tony with his wife Roby (now married 38 years!). He set up shop on the popular strip of Venice Beach, California. From there the company has grown steadily thanks in part to both Roby, who runs the day-to-day internal functions and Tony who has the insight into developing the products that meet the market’s needs in the US and Internationally.

His success was even noticed in 1986 when Tony received the “Entrepreneur of the Year”, the ultimate recognition in making the illustrious INC 500 list.

The successful Cuccio Naturalé Bella Mani (beautiful hands) services were formulated in Tuscany, Italy. Using pristine ingredients and the finest botanicals developed out of a need for environmental protection for the skin. After all, "your hands are the mirror to your age." The Non-surgical Hand Lift treatment shows immediate and noticeable results. With just a few steps, including a hand massage with the Grapeseed Oil Hand Anti-oxidant which protects from environmental insults, your hands are wrapped in a warm moist towel. A couple of sprays with Cuccio's Milk & Honey Spa Elixir and you're off to heaven scent, with soft and beautiful hands. It actually plumps up skin cells.

Tony also learned many things from his mother as she often turned to natural ingredients that flourish in Italy to treat skin. The idea for the Lemon Skin Lightening Serum evolved when Tony remembered how his mother would rub lemon juice on the dark areas of her skin.

One of the simplest most ingenious products is the Milk & Honey Butter Blend, now available in other scents. It promises 5 times more hydration and offers 3 times the staying power of traditional lotions. This is because of the innovative Cascading Affect. By utilizing essentials oils with different weights the nourishing is delivered to the skin in numerous stages. The heavier weights blend in the skin, then the medium weights and then the lightest. This helps the lotion penetrate deeper for the silkiest, smooth skin possible.

Mille grazie, Tony Cuccio.

Buona giornata and God bless the United States of America!


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