By Mary N. DiZazzo

It's not how you feel, it's how you look.

Ciao bella,

Just a few days ago, when leaving for my day job, I came upon an array of illnesses. First one was on the elevator. The gentleman mumbled a "good morning" as he covered his mouth. He said he had a terrific cold and was only going to work to attend a short meeting. He was still well dressed and shaven.

Next was a girl in our lobby. She could barely speak since she lost her voice due to a cold. You never would have known her dilemma. Her make-up was lovely. Her hair was in a neat French twist. And although she probably couldn't smell it, her perfume was divine. Obviously, she was on her way somewhere and knew she wanted to keep a pretty appearance no matter how ill she felt.

So whenever you're feeling under the weather and tissues are a main priority, dress up, make up, and feel good at least about the way you look. You are always making impressions on people. Never let your guard down just because Mr. Cold has set up house.

Now is also a perfect time to get out the summer calendar and start planning a sunny vacation.

This rat race does not afford us the luxury of staying home while we recover. So get those prescriptions in order. Keep handy fav cough syrup and throat drops. All the boutiques carry designer fun tissues in a small convenient pack. Don't let a cold keep you looking down.

After all, spring is on its way with sunshine, breezes, and blooming flowers to lift the spirits high.

Buona giornata.


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