By Mary N. DiZazzo

Finger wave, pin curls, or rollers?

Ciao bella,

When was the last time, if any time, your hairdresser asked that choice? Those are certainly days gone by. But whenever I walk into my mom's home beauty salon --equipped to frost, style, and tint any coiffeur-- the memories return. A "frost" now-a-days would mean a highlight, there are even low-lights. Tinting is now what salons call coloring. A shop is now a salon. A permanent is now called a body wave. A hairdresser is now a hair technician. And so forth.

Time has changed all that. Black-and-white cappuccino salons and technology had something to do with it so astronomical prices can be tallied up.

A laborious pin curl and finger wave was 75 cents in the 1930s. A simple shampoo and set or blow-out on Newbury Street in Boston is now $35 and up!

Ah, the simple days of the uncomplicated life, where loyalty and the elegance of an appointment held its regal throne. Who would like to go back for a day, or forever? What was it truly like? We can only imagine.

Recently I had the pleasure of meeting Mr. Lou Martin of Lou Martin Beauty Salon. He's a professional gentleman who actually listened to exactly what I desired for my service. His shampoo was the best I've ever had. The atmosphere of his shop was friendly and inviting. Most likely I felt that way because I grew up in those kinds of beauty shops with mom and Nana, who tended to share the same taste.

Upon leaving Mr. Martin's shop I told him I would try to find some Helene Curtis perm rods in my mom's shop --the kind you can rarely find anymore. I hoped I could find them along with the many memories they bring.

So, getting right down to the basics is Mr. Martin. You can find him in the Jewelers' Building on Washington Street, downtown Boston.

Buona giornata.


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