By Mary N. DiZazzo

Pack That Carry-on Well!

Ciao bella,

Ah, there's nothing like looking forward to spending a warm holiday with your closest loved ones and a best friend. The palm trees, the sunshine, and poolside awaited. It would certainly be a green Christmas in Miami Beach for us.

But then there's that dreaded feeling at the airport when the conveyor belt has not delivered your precious cargo of holiday attire.

Suddenly the 80 degree temps and balmy exotic detail doesn't matter. For me that next day was not only Christmas Day, but a BIG birthday. Flashing visions of the suitcase guts were dancing through my head.

The first point I would like to warn everyone is not to panic. More than likely your suitcase is not lost, just temporarily delayed. First find the airline's luggage info desk and report the claim. At that moment request an authorization form to be able to purchase new clothes just in case the return is longer than anticipated. Then put on that shopping mode which isn't hard for us gals to turn on and shop away. Turn your form into the airline and ecco fatto, a check.

Just to prevent the initial anguish of any delayed luggage take care to carry on the plane the important clothes and bathing suit attire anticipated for the first 24 hours of your holiday vacation.

Carry on toiletries (pricey skin care is a must), jewelry (costume and real), money, the first two days of vacation attire, and shoes.

These are just a few tips for how to stay beautiful and de-stressed should a problem of that sort arise.

As for me, the joke by Christmas Eve was "all I want for Christmas is my suitcase." And as I left a party in the new clothes I just purchased (and love), we arrived back at our hotel and, lo and behold, Santa had delivered my wish.

Buona giornata.


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