By Mary N. DiZazzo

There are three ways to communicate a message, telephone, telegraph and tell-a-woman.

--Estée Lauder

Ciao bella,

That motto was made famous by the Beauty Queen diva herself. Recollecting her memories, Willow Bay, a Lauder spokesmodel from the 80s said, “she was part tycoon and part grandmother.”

Bitten by the beauty bug as a child, Lauder would accompany her mom to the spas at Saratoga Springs. Later on in her teens she became enthralled with beauty products themselves. With the encouragement of her uncle John Schotz, who was a skin specialist, Estée started her multi-billion dollar business by peddling Uncle John’s Crème Packs to neighborhood salons.

She believed that applying make-up and spontaneously touching the face could change a woman’s life. She spread the message of the importance of looking and feeling beautiful. And that message translated into a $5.1 billion empire, which currently includes 18 beauty brands, such as Clinique, Prescriptives, MAC, Bobbie Brown, Jo Malone, Stla, and Aveda, and enjoys 45 percent of the market share in prestige cosmetics in the United States.

She introduced samples of cosmetics that one day would become the practice of cosmetic companies worldwide. With her passing at 97 years this spring, she leaves a treasured legacy, “the importance of always looking your best.”

I have only touched on a few important facts in the life of this magnificent beauty adventuress. For a good read, pick up Estée: A Success Story. This autobiography is a truly inspirational tale of one diva’s life’s passion.

Buona giornata.


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